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single-domain antibodies

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Validated antibodies for all IF applications

Anti-tubulin VHH from hs2dAb library labelled with Cy5. Nucleus are stained with DAPI

Identification of intracellular antibodies

Anti-p53 VHH fused with mCherry colocalizes with full length GFP-p53 in SKBR3 cell line
Improved nanobody using a yeast display system One of the aims of the project of our team is to develop low-cost protein therapy for rare bleeding disorders using single domain antibody fragment… Dr Olivier Christophe (INSERM U1176, Le Kremlin Bicêtre, France)
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My lab has previously used Hybrigenics services to perform Yeast two-hybrid screens. The data that they provided initiated a new direction in our research. They also used Y2H screening to select na… Dr. Emilia Galperin (University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA)
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My group has been using the services provided by Hybrigenics to perform Y2H screens from Arabidopsis thaliana libraries using viral proteins as baits at several occasions, and has been very satisfi… Dr. Isabelle Jupin (Jacques Monod Institute, Paris, France)
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We asked Hybrigenics to select intrabodies against four different proteins involved in vesicular trafficking. They quickly provided us with several candidates per protein, in the form of ready-to-u… Dr. Thierry Galli (Jacques Monod Institute, Paris, France)
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As part of a collaboration under FP7-HEALTH AgedBrainSYSBio program, Hybrigenics selected and validated anti-Fyn VHH nanobodies working inside cells - intrabodies. Our lab currently explores these … Prof. Michel Simmoneau (Centre for Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Paris, France)
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We received many VHH nanobodies from Hybrigenics, selected and validated against Tau and phosho-Tau. The biochemical and functional characterization of those binders is ongoing but we can already s… Dr. Luc Buée (Jean-Pierre Aubert Research Centre, Lille, France)
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Hybrigenics Single-Domain Antibodies

Hybribody is an integrated solution for custom recombinant antibody selection and validation. Hybrigenics Services offers to screen its unique Humanized Synthetic Single Domain Antibodies (hs2dAb) library for the in vitro selection of stable ,15 kDa llama VHH recognizing specifically your native and unprocessed antigen, with no need to immunize animals. We deliver validated antibodies verified for the application you require i.e ELISA or Immunofluorescence . Hybrigenics’ expertise in Yeast Two-Hybrid coupled with a specific Phage Display technology allows selecting antibodies validated for intracellular applications such as live cell imaging or target knock-down (so-called "Intrabodies"). We offer a specific Phage Display selection for cell surface antigens like GPCRs.

With Hybribody, you get the cDNA clone of your antibody and can produce it as you need in bacteria, with no batch to batch variability. Hybrigenics also transforms your favorite VHH into a multispecies "Minibody" for all your cellular experiments, by fusion to Fc fragments from human, mouse, rabbit or goat.

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