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single-domain antibodies

Minibody Cloning & Production

Process antibody cloning & production

Now that you have your custom VHH, obtain the corresponding human, mouse, rabbit or goat “Minibodies”!

Key benefits

  • Multispecies antibody in a single clone
  • Versatile & flexible use for a vast array of experiments (PLA, ELISA…)
  • Enhanced avidity

How does it work?

As we provide you with VHHs selected from a synthetic library, we are able to fuse them with Fc fragments from human, mouse, rabbit or goat to obtain a so-called “Minibody". Minibodies from different species have the same binding regions and retain the same affinity for the Ag.

Let us know about the minibody you need.

Minibody Cloning & Production

Material required


  • Non-purified minibody supernatants from HEK cells (5 ml usable at 1/100 to 1/500 for IF)
  • cDNA clones of the minibodies for further production


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