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single-domain antibodies

Minibody Cloning & Production

Process antibody cloning & production

Now that you have your custom VHH nanobody, obtain the corresponding human, mouse, rabbit or goat “Minibodies”!

Key benefits

  • Multispecies antibody in a single clone
  • Versatile & flexible use for a vast array of experiments (PLA, ELISA…)
  • Enhanced avidity

How does it work?

As we provide you with VHH nanobodies selected from our synthetic library, we are able to fuse them with Fc fragments from human, mouse, rabbit or goat to obtain a so-called “Minibody". Minibodies from different species have the same binding regions and retain the same affinity for the Ag.

Let us know about the minibody you need.

Minibody Cloning & Production

Material required


  • Non-purified minibody supernatants from HEK cells (5 ml usable at 1/100 to 1/500 for IF)
  • cDNA clones of the minibodies for further production


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