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Services Overview

Hybrigenics offers a wide range of services for custom antibody selection and validation. We provide researchers with customized nanobody® screening services using a unique, proprietary Humanized Synthetic Single Domain Antibody (hs2dAb) library coding for 3.109 llama VHH nanobodies. It allows for the in vitro selection of very stable, small (15 kDa) and specific VHH nanobodies recognizing your native antigen of interest, without the need to immunize animals.

Because we care about providing the scientific community with proven and tested tools, we verify antibody specificity for the application you request i.e ELISA or Immunofluorescence.

Combining our Antibody Phage Display protocol using non-adsorbed antigen with our Yeast Two-Hybrid screening process, we can even select Intrabodies validated for intracellular applications such as live cell imaging.

Our in vitro selection enables direct access to the sequence of your selected VHH nanobodies. An array of multi-species Fc’s can be easily fused to the VHH nanobody of interest, resulting in a fully functional recombinant single-chain antibody or  “Minibody” for all your cellular studies. We also offer a specific Phage Display selection on live cells and FACS validation for cell surface antigens like GPCR's.

Summary of all Hybribody services options


Nanobody® is a registered trademark of Ablynx

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