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Synthetic Antibody Library

Why should you choose our VHH synthetic antibody library ?

The Hybribody offer consists in the screening of a unique Humanized Synthetic Single Domain Antibody library (hs2dAb) coding for 3.109 VHHs. This library was developed in collaboration with Dr Franck Perez at Curie Institute in Paris and Dr Aurélien Olichon at Cancer Research Center of Toulouse.

Single domain antibodies isolated from camelids (so-called “VHHs”) correspond to the variable region of a heavy chain of a camelid antibody. They present many advantages such as a very small size of around 15 kDa, a high stability and solubility and still retain a high affinity for their antigens. Learn more about VHHs.

Like every variable domain, VHHs contain 3 hypervariable regions called CDR (Complementarity Determining Regions) responsible of antigen recognition and thus antibody diversity. These CDRs are spaced with scaffold regions. A deep analysis of stable VHH's sequences and CDRs composition allowed to define possible CDR's length and aminoacids composition for our synthetic antibody library.

The hs2dAb library was engineered with a specific scaffold allowing resistance to the reductive environment of the cytosol. Selected VHHs resulting from a screening have more chances to be properly expressed and folded inside cells. This scaffold is also humanized in certain positions to prevent immunogenicity in the case of in vivo therapeutic applications.

This synthetic antibody library is by definition a naïve library and has a high complexity of 3.109 VHHs ensuring a very satisfying diversity.

It is naïve so it does not require llama immunization.

This helps you save a lot of time to get your specific antibody. It makes possible antibody selection for non-immunogenic or conserved proteins. Additionally, it allows managing new types of antigens that are not submitted to animal antigen processing.

Better yet, we deliver you the cDNA clone of the selected VHHs so you can easily produce it in bacteria (or in mammalian cells fused to a Fc fragment) as often and as much as you need. It is a very economic option. Another advantage is the very limited batch to batch variability and the stability of the clones.

Once you have your Hybribody VHH, you have it forever!

Don’t wait to benefit from our synthetic antibody library. Contact us now to start your project or to get more info.

You can also read the article "NaLi-H1: A universal synthetic library of humanized nanobodies providing highly functional antibodies and intrabodies" published in eLIFE to learn more about how our VHH antibody library was made.

Synthetic VHH library for animal free experiments


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