The future of
single-domain antibodies


Hybrigenics Services announces the launch of Hybribody, its all-in-one solution for custom recombinant antibody selection and validation

Paris, FR - February 2016

Hybrigenics Services now provides researchers with antibody screening services using a unique Humanized Synthetic Single Domain Antibody (hs2dAb) library developed in collaboration with Dr Franck Perez lab at Curie Institute in Paris and Dr Aurélien Olichon at the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse. This work was funded by the National Research Agency (ANR, Agence Nationale pour la Recherche).

Coding 3.109 VHH, this library allows the in vitro selection of highly affine and stable antibody fragments of only 15 kDa recognizing a native antigen of interest, with no need to immunize animals.


We validate antibody effectiveness for our customer’s application i.e ELISA or Immunofluorescence. Combining our Antibody Phage Display protocol with our Yeast Two-Hybrid screening process, we can even select Intrabodies validated for intracellular applications in mammalian cells. Fused to any Fc fragment, VHH become multispecies antibodies (so-called “Minibodies”) that can be used in a variety of cellular experiments.

Hybrigenics Services delivers the cDNA clone of your custom VHH and enables researchers to produce their antibody batch at their own lab whenever they need it.

Conformational antibodies, live cell imaging, video-microscopy, target knock-out… The applications and advantages of VHH in research are huge.

Contact us to learn more about our Hybribody services and to receive advices.

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