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Discover our nanobodies at AIS 2020

Virtual - 24-25 November

Hybrigenics services is participating to the Antibody Industrial Symposium 2020, from November 24th to 25th, 2019.

This meeting aims to bring together scientists, industrials, physicians and policy makers to exchange about therapeutic antibodies

Dr. Jean-Christophe Rain, CEO, will attend this event. He will be presenting a poster “Phage and Yeast united for the better

Feel free to Contact us to arrange a meeting with our team.


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Our euronanomed- “2^2-intratarget” project is financed!

Evry - 3 november

Thank you to the EuroNanoMed III for the grant provided for our project “Nanocarriers to deliver antibodies towards intracellular targets in cancer cells/TAMs at primary/metastatic sites” (2^2-INTRATARGET). Hybrigenics services will select nanobodies (nAbs) against intracellular targets from its patented synthetic library, providing new tools to mediate the intracellular degradation of key oncoproteins.

Want to increase your nanobody affinity?

Evry, France - August 24

Good is nice but better is great. You deserve more! If you want to increase the affinity of your nanobody form the lama or a synthetic library for particularly challenging applications. We provide you a unique optimization platform using the yeast to meet your needs. 


Depending on your antigen we can do:

  • An extracellular optimization using the yeast display by cell sorting,
  • or intracellular optimization or intrabodization using Yeast Two-Hybrid technology

visit our new web page to learn more

Hybrigenics Services is fully independent from Hybrigenics Pharma

Evry, France - october 2019

Please note that Hybrigenics Services ( and Hybrigenics Pharma ( have been two financially independent companies since January 2017 despite keeping similar names. Our activities are completely distinct and our operations entirely separate.

Hybrigenics Pharma announced on October 23, 2018 that the clinical development of its only drug candidate was discontinued for lack of efficacy. The winding-up of the company was suspended in January, 2019 when Hybrigenics Pharma received a takeover offer. On October 15, 2019 Hybrigenics Pharma announced its takeover by DMS Group with immediate effect.

None of this affects Hybrigenics Services in any way, nor the research we conduct for our clients and partners. We regret the confusion this might cause.

We thank investigators and companies across the world for their trust and continued interest in our services.


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