The future of
single-domain antibodies

Plant Biology

My group has been using the services provided by Hybrigenics to perform Y2H screens from Arabidopsis thaliana libraries using viral proteins as baits at several occasions, and has been very satisfied.
Not only Hybrigenics teams have a great expertise in bait design, in performing high-coverage screens, and most importantly in scoring the candidates obtained and pinpointing the technical false-positives - which are invaluable assets, but I also found very enjoyable to work with them.
They are friendly, supportive, and highly competent, and I always appreciated the discussions we had together.
I will for sure never ever perform a yeast two-hybrid screen myself again and I strongly recommend their high-quality services, which are really worth the price.

Moreover, following a very successful yeast two-hybrid screen using one of our viral protein as a bait, our group also got the chance to make use of their newly developed Hybribody service, i.e. synthetic single chains nanobodies. Hybrigenics selected several VHH intrabodies, which they further validated in mammalian cells using fluorescence microscopy. Our lab is now currently validating them in plant cells and the preliminary data we obtained appear very promising. In addition to their use as basic research tools to detect our proteins in living cells, the intrabodies obtained may as well turn useful to inhibit key steps in the viral multiplication process, thus opening new possibilities for designing antiviral strategies. — Dr. Isabelle Jupin (Jacques Monod Institute, Paris, France) - Europe

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